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As our facilities reopen, we are employing new safety measures to protect you and our caregivers including universal mask use, temperature testing, social distancing, employee COVID-19 testing, visitor restrictions and keeping our COVID-19 symptomatic patients separated from other patients. Nothing is more important to us than you.

Patient Testimonials

A Lucky Break

Sue Ottman Grateful for Superb Care After Vacation Injury


Sometimes bad breaks morph into good breaks.

Sue Ottman can vouch for the latter, after a nasty fall at a friend’s house in Palm Coast netted her two right-ankle surgeries at AdventHealth Palm Coast. The same accident also earned her an extended Florida vacation and extra time with some of her best buddies. But, it also earned her admiration for AdventHealth Palm Coast.

“I was so lucky that if it was going to happen, that it happened there.” said Ottman, a Red Wing, Minnesota resident, of her accident location.

In Palm Coast on an annual trip with girlfriends, Ottman was descending stairs at her friend Nita’s house on March 9, 2017. The group was departing for an 11:30 a.m., excursion, and Ottman crossed a landing that led to the final two stairs. Momentarily distracted — she thinks she glanced at one of her friends as she reached those final steps — she slipped and went down hard.

“After I was able to sit up, my foot was laying to the right and I lifted it, and my foot fell over to the left and I thought, ‘ooh, that’s not good.'” Ottman said. It wasn’t. Her friends helped her into Nita’s husband’s office chair and rolled her to a car. Their 11:30 excursion detoured to AdventHealth Palm Coast, where Ottman was diagnosed with severe ankle fracture dislocation.

She found herself in the care of orthopedic surgeon Dr. Corey S. Rosenbaum, who specializes in trauma and foot and ankle reconstruction. Dr. Rosenbaum performed the first surgery the next morning — placing an external fixator on Ottman’s right ankle. Ten days later once the swelling subsided, he performed the reconstruction surgery, which involved placing multiple plates and screws.

“He told me that I really gave him a challenge,” Ottman said. “It was so bad.”

Her initial recovery grounded her in Florida for a month. She transferred to Nita’s sister Coreen’s house (fewer stairs), and the girlfriend gang hung out together. Even for regular appointments at Dr. Rosenbaum’s office. “All the girls kind of had a crush on him, he was so cute and nice.” Ottman said, chuckling. “So when I would go to the doctor, all six of us would go to the doctor.”

Once Dr. Rosenbaum cleared her to fly home to Minnesota, he asked her to email him occasional updates on her progress. Her recuperation wasn’t over — Ottman remembered it was three months before she began walking — but neither was her gratitude for her surgeons. “I was so impressed with him and my orthopedic doctors here in Minnesota were too.” said Ottman, a certified medical coding specialist, who retired four years ago. Her regular doctor also gave a thumbs-up to Dr. Rosenbaum’s work. He said, “Sue, whoever did this really knew what they were doing.” Ottman said.

In April 2018, the girlfriends reunited at Nita’s house for their annual trip (Nita put black tape on the offending steps as a warning). Ottman who knows how important it was to receive excellent care at a critical time, also dropped by to visit Dr. Rosenbaum.

A New Lease On Life

Mickey Garret’s Superheroes!

I went to see my good friend and hero Dr. Alter today for a follow up on my full left hip replacement that he performed in 2014. It seems it’s holding up quite well! this man saved my life, for real. I am in awe of these medical professionals to say the least. You guys are superheroes!! Before my surgery i was having a hard time just grocery shopping. Now am back to running and racing and riding bikes and surfing and am so damm thankfull.

A while back i was talking to my friends Dick and Christy about designing a cool logo for Dr. Alter. I was telling them that a am Alter built, and we came up with logo from Peterbuilt trucks- Albertbuilt. Christy Truxaw sent it to a sign maker and we had a couple produced. I gave one to Dr. Alter today and he loved it. Thanks again Doc.

Walking Without Pain IN Two Weeks

Stan Yothers is Back in Action!

Hopefully I won’t have to have my other knee replaced, but I know where to go if I do.

Going up and down the stairs was the hardest. Working as a courier for Florida Health for eight years, Stan was constantly in and out of his truck, carrying heavy loads. He suffered with knee pain for four or five years, and things got so bad that his left knee was actually starting to bow out, causing ankle pain and pain in his right knee. He knew it was time to do something.

After visiting several orthopedic surgeons, Stan decided on Dr. Keen because of his specialization in sports surgery, and because he found the entire office staff so pleasant and encouraging. Within two weeks of his surgery he was walking with no pain, and the rehab staff even commented on the excellent job Dr. Keen had done.

Now Stan is walking three miles a day with his wife and dog Cici, spending time on the elliptical at the gym, and taking the steps with ease. He even recommended Dr. Keen to his hard-to-please sister-in-law, who is now going back for her second surgery.

Stan is “extremely happy” with his knee replacement, and he credits Dr. Keen and his staff with his excellent recovery.