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As our facilities reopen, we are employing new safety measures to protect you and our caregivers including universal mask use, temperature testing, social distancing, employee COVID-19 testing, visitor restrictions and keeping our COVID-19 symptomatic patients separated from other patients. Nothing is more important to us than you.


Strolling, laughing, and tossing a ball with the kids. These carefree moments can still be yours. At AdventHealth, our caring physicians, nurses, therapists, and other professionals help free patients from spinal pain. We offer dozens of spine care options, from innovative pain management treatments to some of the newest, most advanced, minimally-invasive spinal procedures in the country. Whether you need treatment for scoliosis, spinal injury or another spinal condition, we’ll listen to your concerns and support you from the emergency room to the fitness room. Let us help you catch your breath and start living again.